Sensational Health

At Sensational Health, we offer tools to support your wellness plan, assist you in your healing process, and help you feel better, move better and live better. Our focus is Massage Therapy and Nia Technique, a holistic fitness and lifestyle practice. We believe that everyone deserves to live a happy, healthy life and experience greater Sensational Health.

Massage Therapy relieves pain, reduces stress, increases body awareness and connects you deeper with your healing process and health maintenance. Modalities offered include Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Thai, and Pre-natal. We offer effective techniques, professionalism, a beautiful and serene environment, Comphy micro-fiber sheets and only the highest quality all natural lotions and oils (paraben free). Michelle and Christine have over 16 years combined experience in therapeutic massage. Schedule an appointment and let them work their magic!

Nia Technique is movement education, fitness program and a personal growth system. Nia is a fun, creative way to get fit, relieve stress, self-heal and live in your body with more Joy. Balancing technical precision with free-form expression, Nia brings the body, mind, emotions and spirit to optimum health through music, movement and sensational awareness. Nia draws from dance, martial arts and healing arts, honoring the organic movements of the body to strengthen, stretch, open, align, balance, invigorate and heal. Nia is an exercise class and oh, so much more.... Join Christine for classes and find out for yourself what this amazing practice can do for you. Read more about Nia.

Sensational Health is a positive state of being, experienced when one lives life with awareness through sensation. Movements, thoughts, and feelings all emit sensation in the body. By being tuned into sensation, we are better able to use awareness to create positive change in our bodies and our lives. What feels good to you? What brings you pleasure in your life?